Thursday, October 22, 2015

5 fall trends your wardrobe can't go without this season

It's getting colder outside and you must change your summer wardrobe into winter! Are you ready yet? Well, I'm almost ready with my wardrobe, but I'm still missing some important items. I saw a very cozy coat at Esprit that I really wanted and needed;-) I love the new fall trends. You always see things come back again that you can combine from your current wardrobe with some new items. Keep reading to discover the 5 fall trends that shouldn't be missed in your wardrobe this fall and winter. 

Black and White

Black and white prints are a real must-have this season. 
I can't have enough stripes in my wardrobe. I love sweaters with stripes and I have a lot of striped items. Not just for summer, but also this fall and winter we'll be seeing a lot of black and white printed items. I think stripes are always a good idea. I love to wear a pair of skinny jeans with a striped sweater or a striped top with a blazer and a black skinny jeans. And guess what? Black is timeless so you can't have enough in your closet.

Soft and Warm 

Cozy, soft and warm fabrics are another real must-have for you're wardrobe. You can find a lot of coats with teddy, shearling, faux fur and ponchos. Oversized fluffy sweaters with a pair of skinny jeans is a great look this year! And this trend keeps you warm as well;-) I'm looking forward to cuddle up in the biggest sweater possible with a warm cup of tea!

Coat of soft wool blend: Esprit |  Teddy fabric coat: Hema | Faux fur coat: Esprit

Marsmellow colors

I love pastel colors and if you think you only have to pick dark colors this season you're wrong! It's already dark enough outside so let's make it a little bit more cheerful with colorful clothing and light it up a little bit;-) 

Leopard print

I have a sweater, pants and a sports bra with leopard print. Wear just one item at a time, otherwise it'll get to busy real soon. 

Into the grey

It looks like ever since the emergence of Fifty Shades of Grey, every brand has adopted the color vividely and it is here to stay. You will even see people wearing all grey outfit's in different shades. It has always had it's class to wear grey, so you really can't go wrong. I recently bought a grey sweater and is has moved up to being one of my favorites fast. I often wear is with off-black skinny jeans and a pair of ankle boots. A good look for casual wear as well as for the office.

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