Monday, August 24, 2015

My weekly instagram diary#33

how cute is this card. Sending it to a friend of mine
Loved this movie! 
Time for the gym. Love my Adidas bag.
This week I made red smoothies. 
I went to a festival in Groningen called Noorderzon. This is a 10 day festival with theatre, music, food and drinks. 
Before running selfie;-) It was very warm but my run went well.
So cute, I came home and found this chocolate-bar and a note from my brother in the mailbox.
Red smoothie on my balkony:D Love these little glasses from Hema
There was a lot of sun this weekend! Happy girl on the lake
Another day at the Noorderzon festival. How cool is this fontain with love ducks
A day to Harlingen beach with the family, and later that day we had a party at the tennis court. I played tennis with my boyfriend and we had a wonderful time.

Did you also had a good week? Until next week! X Rosa

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