Saturday, August 22, 2015

Best and most fashionable running Essentials

Hi Guys, It’s time for a new sport post! I’m still going to the gym a lot and as you might know, I often run and sometimes I do a running event. A few weeks from now I’m going to run the 4 mile Run of Groningen. I ran the 4 mile of Groningen before and every time my time's getting better. Probably because I work out a lot lately, and do a lot of fitgirl related things;-) Last year my time was 35:06 min, and I’m proud of it. This year I want to improve my time even futher. 
I think it’s very important to have the right running essentials to run, so I’m gonna tell you about the best and most fashionable running essentials. What’s more fun than running in style?  
During running I always use my Spibelt. I usethe belt for my Phone and keys while running. I love this belt because it stays in place and you don’t even notice you’re wearing it. Another very important essential is water! I have the Dopper bottle in pink:-) Last week I bought a new pair of running shoes because my current ones are very worn. Good running shoes are very important, make sure that you wear running shoes that fit and support your feet properly. I love my new shoes. The colors fit in anywhere and they also feel very comfortable. I have a lot of sports clothing, but my favorite is a short and a tee from H&M. I think a little pink is the perfect color to run in;-) It makes me happy every time when I see someone who wears pink!

Love my Spibelt! 
The Pink dopper bottle.
Love my brand new running shoes! 
Pink sport tee.
Black running shorts.

I’m ready to run! And what about you? Love Rosa
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