Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Followfitgirls | Fitgirl Bikini Challenge

Hi All, As you may know I also blog for FollowfitgirlsFollowfitgirls is a Dutch platform with different fitbloggers. We take care of your daily dose of fitspiration, healthy recipes and workouts. Our fitgirls give a glimpse into their lives and tell you all about their workouts, how they live and give tips for a healthy lifestyle.
We are all in our own way trying to be the best version of ourselves. With this we want to show that there is no single way for a fit lifestyle. Everyone can and must find its own way in this. "Do what works for you 'is our motto.
Through monthly challenges we'll try to help you change your lifestyle for the better. We dare you to watch what happens with your discipline and perseverance. The challenges you can perform out of the comfort of your own home so there is no need for expensive gymmemberships.
Followfitgirls is for dutch readers, but you can still do the challenges. 
This month we started with the Fitgirl bikini challenge. Along with Marlou I made the challenge to get a bikini body in 8 weeks. 
Get the Calender here
Get the Challenge here

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